>Talks before and after Malaysia Win


pic mintak dari mstar online
I am a very proud to be a Malaysian yesterday after a youngers Malaysian football player win AFF  Suzuki Cup for  the 1st time.
Before, I have read news and  listening comments  from radio  about this competition. Some opinions and comments  from peoples of Malaysia interest me to share to all of you my readers( if me have a lot of readers ..hehehe) .  That’s  issue about misuse flash light that happen in the  last match in Bukit Jalil Stadium .Also a statement from Indonesian paranormal – (we using  a black magic to win).
So, this is some comments:
  1. All  three  goals from Malaysia is not a set piece goals. How can flash light can interrupt Indonesian player and his goalkeeper?.  
  2. If we  used black magic or ‘bomoh’ maybe we have  win a world cup  years ago…The most powerful ‘bomoh’  now  in Chelsea and MU FC team..sebab tu team diorang kuat .(this my father in law talked  last night)..lol
  3.   And ..sotong (i  lost his name) from Indonesia predict that  Indonesia will win yesterday in Bung Karno stadium. The prediction is exactly true..haha. Indonesia beat Malaysia 2-1 in Bung Karno. But , the sotong forget to predict  who have win a cup..lol
 I try write this in eng for the 1st time ,cos I am very proud to be a Malaysian. So maybe rest of the people in the world can read this.hehehe

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